Polish for foreigners

Is Polish easy?
Of course! If you learn it with Multi Lingua!

Learn and explore Polish language and culture on a course adjusted to your needs.
Speak Polish freely whenever and wherever you need.
Trust our proven methods which will help you acquire new skills in the blink of an eye.

Polish for foreigners in Multi Lingua guarantees:

Proven, effective teaching methods

Individually tailored curriculum and flexible meetings

Qualified and experienced Polish language teachers

Are you still uncertain whether to take part in the Polish language lessons in Multi Lingua?

Are you a foreigner eager to learn Polish? Are you a Pole returning to your homeland? Do you want to learn or improve your Polish? Do you want to communicate better at work or in everyday situations? With Multi Lingua you will find personalized courses and seamlessly improve your Polish language skills.

Kurs dla dorosłych - Multilungua

Individual clients

Do you want to learn Polish from the scratch or do you already know the basic rules of grammar and vocabulary? Regardless of your current level, you can learn at individual meetings with a native speaker.

Kursy językowe Kurs języka włoskiego dla dorosłych - Multilungua


Would you like to make it easier for your foreign employees to communicate with the Polish team members? We would be happy to organize a training for any number of participants, at any level and at flexible dates.

Choose the most suitable form of classes.

Kurs języka w Multilungua


Wherever you are, you can take part in live classes. It might be also a great option if you want to start learning the Polish language before you arrive in our country.

Stationary (on-site)

The course can take place, for example, at your workplace. Our teachers will conduct the course in various Polish cities. You can also benefit from the training at our Language Centre in Warsaw.

Teaching Polish requires many skills and being a native speaker is not enough

You need to know the methodology of teaching and adapt it to the skills and native language of your students. That is why our teachers have the appropriate education and qualifications that allow them to effectively pass on the knowledge of the language and culture.

Are our methods effective?
See what our students say about them:

You, too, can learn Polish and feel free in any situation